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Basic Type Gas Shielded Flux-cored Wire


Basic Type Gas Shielded Flux-cored Wire

Flux-cored wire has been developing rapidly in recent years due to the clear advantage in high efficiency and great weldability, and thus promoted the development of high speed automated welding.  The flux-cored wires in China are mainly categorized into acidic type and basic type.  It is common to use rutile acid type flux-cored wire in shipbuilding, steel structure and etc.

The basic type welding consumable has advantages like low hydrogen, high toughness, high crack resistance and excellent mechanical properties, and is considered a top tier choice for important structures.  However, basic welding consumables on the market currently are mostly manual electrodes, and this limits the overall production efficiency and automated welding will not be possible.  In order to comply with the developing trend and the rising demands of the basic flux-cored wire, Gintune developed a series of basic flux-cored wires.


Gintune GFL-75 basic flux-cored wire

1、Basic flux-cored wire characteristics:

Acidic flux-cored wire: Titanium oxide slag, excellent weldablity, but mediocre mechanical properties and crack resistance.

Basic flux-cored wire: Calcium oxide and fluoride slag, excellent mechanical properties with slightly sacrificed weldability.



Weld bead of Gintune GFL-75 basic flux-cored wire

Main differences between acidic and basic types:


2、Basic flux-cored wire applications:

Basic flux-cored wire provides high overall efficiency, lower overall cost, less oxides in the weld bead, high impact toughness, and much better hot crack resistance and cold crack resistance.  It has a much better potential in high strength thick low alloy plates, important structures, boiler wall pipe automated welding.

The basic flux-cored wire is still gaining popularity at the moment, and thus does not have larger projects performance as actual examples.  Standards regarding basic flux-cored wire have been very cautious, but also shown that the industry is paying heavy attentions on it.  China standard NB/T47018.1-2017“Technical conditions for ordering welding materials for pressure equipment Part 1: General rules for procurement” stated: “The technical conditions for ordering flux-cored wire shall be prepared according to the technical requirements specified in NB/T47018.2, and the flux-cored wire for carbon steel and low alloy steel shall be basic slag system”, asking the basic flux-cored wire to reach the same performance level of basic manual electrode, such as P≤0.025,S≤0.015, impact toughness≥54J and etc.

3、Basic flux-cored wires from Gintune and the typical properties

For Carbon Steel


For Low Alloy Steel


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(2)Typical mechanical property values


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